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3d relief from photo.

3d relief from photo.

It is very difficult to find a really high quality 3d relief. On the Internet are many examples, but a closer look reveals that there is a line some blurry, expressionless fashioned volume, with the correct architecture and anatomy of all the trouble! And if you want to order a 3d relief on the design, picture, or photo, the task is to find an adequate performer seems completely impossible.

But for you it is not a problem, because you've found this page!

I suggest you make 3d reliefs of any complexity on different subjects on your sketches or pictures. Do not limit your imagination! Everything is possible!

What is important:

  • The work done by man, which is not just "knows how to model in 3d", but is an artist, studied drawing and sculpture in the "natural" form;
  • Work is always performed on time and adequate price;
  • Quality assurance - the work continues until the approval of the customer;
  • All the details in bas-reliefs made in volume, no texture.

To order 3d relief on the pictures, please contact me in any convenient way for you.