3d character cop.

I decided recently to do in my free time 3d character - a policeman. This is a Russian road cop, called GIBDD.

That's what a pretty person I got. I'll do everything in Blender. Now I will tell you about the process.

3d character cop

The character on the idea should be a bit "cartoonish", so on the Internet I found this picture of an unknown author.

As a starting point for inspiration, she quite satisfied me. 


It is necessary to carefully create a general shape and all small details for the subsequent retopology and transfer of the normal map. 


The resultant low-poly model must match the planned targets. 

In this case, on the face and hands, the mesh is denser to provide future mimic animation and appropriate gestures.


The process is quite routine - we rip off the skin from the object and stretch it with functional pieces on the plane, trying not to distort the original outlines. )))

So it goes!


The textures are simple, there are only four. Base color, ambient occlusion and normal map. The texture of transparency is needed only for the outer layer of the eyeball. Texture size is 4096.

Testing 3d character in Unity.

The ready character is imported into the popular Unity engine to check the textures, topology and readiness of the model for use in game development. Looks okay.


It's time to revive our policeman a little. First, we do the rigging with the plugin for Blender Rigify.

Skinning, adjustment of scales, debugging. After the completion of the rigging process, we do a cycle of walking and running.

Run the cop, run!

That's all for today.

In the near future I will do and post another video of the animation of the character of the policeman (facial animation, gestures).

Suggest your screenplay for the animation - let's try to implement it.